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DataViz Dynamical Software Engine for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Flash environments on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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NeoViz is a Software and Engineering company for Data Visualization (DataViz) of information networks for desision making and risk analysis.

NeoViz relies on a mangement team of more than 20 years of experience in software innovation, major companies software engineering, complex information systems engineering, and companies and organizations strategical and financial data analysis.

NeoViz works for companies using a lot of data (BigData), and more specifically for companies in the sectors of Finance, Industry, Defence and Energy.


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NeoViz apply to its customers a DataViz Driven Decision Making (D3M) methodology which relies on the following steps :

  • Identify strategical optimization axes of the company.
  • Identify or specify risk and decision indicators in accordance with the company optimization axes.
  • Gather and audit available company data and information sources.
  • Analyze and select relevant data related to the decision making and risk analysis processus.
  • Model the information network identifying relations between data.
  • Numerically implement the network (Excel, CSV, GraphML, graph oriented data base).
  • Visualize and explore the network with NeoViz software.
  • Expand NeoViz software developing specific company fonctionnalities.
  • Train company decision-makers to the NeoViz software usage.
  • Maintain the NeoViz software regarding to the evolution of the company data sources and company optimisation and development strategies.

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NeoViz develops NeoVizEngine, a DataViz dynamical software engine on which are based all the NeoViz software products, from generic and standard software to engineering software adapted to companies and organizations specific business data.

NeoVizEngine takes advantage of the last multiplatforms software programming technologies to build native language applications to target Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Flash environments on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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